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Failed Trigger/Ineffective Triggering/Wasted Efforts

All these breaths are triggered by the patient ( Ventilator identified them as patient efforts and labeled them with red color to the ascending limb of flow-time and pressure-time scalars).

Flow is variable during pressure control mode and it depends on the resistance and compliance characteristics of the respiratory system and the patient's inspiratory effort.

The inspiratory flow-time scalar is touching the baseline during mid inspiration which may indicate the end of the patient's inspiratory effort (neural inspiration). During early expiration, the flow-time scalar deviates towards the baseline (expiratory flow decreases transiently) due to the next inspiratory effort. Here, patient efforts failed to trigger the ventilator (Ineffective triggering). On clinical examination, the patient's inspiratory efforts ended before the set inspiratory time and the expiratory flow waveform deviation occurred with the next inspiratory effort.

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