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Prolonged rise time in an ARDS patient

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Rise time is the time taken to reach the target pressure in pressure control mode. The triangular shape of the pressure-time scalar, in this case, is due to a long rise time (the normal shape of the pressure waveform is square). The rise time settings in Maquet ventilators range from 0 to 20% of the breath cycle time. The set inspiratory time is 0.60 seconds (RR 23, I: E 1:3.3, breath cycle time 2.60 seconds) and the rise time is 0.52 seconds (20% of the breath cycle time). The patient received less ventilator assistance during this period leading to increased work of breathing.

Correction of the asynchrony: Select a short rise time and observe the RR. If the high RR persists identify other causes responsible for it (e.g., anxiety, pain, inadequate sedation, metabolic acidosis).

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